Professional Introduction

Professional Introduction

I received a Ph.D in clinical psychology in 1991 and am licensed in Pennsylvania. I worked for two years at Eastern College (now Eastern University) counseling center. Since 1993, I worked at a private group practice in Lancaster, PA. In 2017, I left this group practice and established a private practice. One reason for this decision is that I no longer want to work for insurance companies. A more complete explanation for not working with insurance is on this website's Payment and Fees section

In my 33 years as a psychotherapist, I have learned therapy requires committed participation of both client and therapist to achieve the client's goals. My training and experience are in helping adults and older teenagers with a variety of problems including anxiety; depression; grief; relationship conflicts and unresolved trauma. I received EMDR training from EMDRIA last year and am now using EMDR for trauma. I have additional training and experience in helping people recover from eating disorders. If you are a member of Overeaters Anonymous, welcome! I am also trained in integrating mental health and the Christian faith. 

Some of the benefits my clients say they receive from therapy include:
- more ability to manage anxiety
- less depression and improved mood
- healthier relation to eating
- more self awareness and acceptance
- healing from abuse and trauma
- healing from the pain of grief
- better coping with stress
- more resilience in adjusting to life changes
- improved sleep and sleep hygiene
- healthier relationships and boundaries
- more effective communication skills
- deepening relationship with God
- more satisfaction in life

My overarching approach in therapy is psychodynamic and relational. I incorporate aspects from others approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral and Internal Family Systems. Sometimes a client and therapist can know right away if they are a good fit or not. At other times, several sessions are needed. To help facilitate this process, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy and whether we can work on them together

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to call me or email me on my Contact page

Susan Cabouli

Susan Cabouli, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
License # PS006748L