Payments and Fees

Lancaster Psychotherapy
313 W. Liberty Street, Suite 223
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Payment and Fees

  • Fees are $175 for the initial session (90 minutes) and $125 (50-55 minutes) for following sessions
  • Clients can use out-of-network insurance benefits
  • Psychotherapy is an approved expense for Health Savings Account reimbursement (HSA)
  • Payment is accepted with cash, check or credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover)

My two primary reasons for not working with insurances are the benefits of greater confidentiality and more freedom in the therapy work. Private paying clients have a direct contract with their therapist and do not need to disclose their personal information to process their claims.* Private paying clients also have more freedom to decide their goals in therapy. Insurances use a medical model to diagnose and decide which services will be covered. Therapy goals such as preventive care, personal growth or integrating psychological and spiritual health would not be considered covered services

Although I am no longer accepting insurance, I want to remain available to as broad a range of clients as I can. Since I will not be billing insurance, my fee is less than when I worked with insurance.  


*Insurances require personal information to process claims. Insurances also give customer information to the Medical Information Bureau, where diagnoses are permanently recorded. Certain diagnoses, such as depression, can affect eligibility for some insurances such as life, health, disability or long-term care

Please read the Confidentiality and Privacy Policy section on this website where some limits to confidentiality apply, regardless of means of payment

Clients can choose to disclose their personal information to their insurance company if they decide to use their out-of-network benefits for my services