God's Sabbath


What is the Sabbath?

Most people say it is a Saturday or Sunday when we rest. On
other days we can work but on the Sabbath, we rest from work.
God’s Sabbath is not about our rest or our work. God’s Sabbath
is His rest from His work. God’s work is not our work and His
rest is not our rest.

God set apart His Sabbath from creation by sanctifying it. How,
then, do we enter His otherworldly rest? It can’t be found within
the confines of creation. God’s rest can only be found in Him.
God’s Sabbath is so important and so impossible to keep, rabbis
have said that if Israel perfectly kept the Sabbath just once, the
Messiah would come. This prescient hope in God’s promised
Messiah is fulfilled in Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath.

In God’s Sabbath time of rest, Susan Cabouli explores God’s Sabbath from her perspective as a Jewish Christian and psychologist. God wants us to know His rest because it is in His rest that we can know Him, even as we are known by Him.

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Susan Cabouli

Susan Cabouli, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
License # PS006748L