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Preface - God’s Promised Rest
God’s Sabbath is the holy rest of His fulfilled promises. God’s creation is made complete in His rest that is holy and entirely distinct from His creation

One - God’s Unique Rest
The Sabbath is a strange concept with a stranger reality. God’s rest is not depleted energy but is the climax and completion of His works in their relation to His holiness

Two - The Composition of Time
Sabbath time is different in quality and order from our world’s time of space. One time is temporal and the other endures; one is impersonal and the other intimately attends to all life’s details so that all ultimately attends to God

Three - The Appointed Times
God formally introduced His Sabbath to Israel in the fourth commandment and the Jewish feasts. God reveals Himself to Israel because He doesn’t want to be estranged from His creation (Psalm 98:3). He wants to meet us in His sanctifying rest

Four - Lord of the Sabbath
The nature of God’s intended relation to us assumes the most personal form and substance in His Son, Jesus. Jesus entered our perishing time to be our Way in God’s holy time. In God’s Sabbath, our every moment is in relation to Him

Five - It is Finished
God completes His works and promises by His holy nature that we learn in His rest. God’s personal relation to His creation is completed in Jesus’ finished sacrifice

Six - Sovereign’s Will: The Face of God
God’s sovereign will is uniquely different from human will. God’s will is alone entirely free and able to make free. God freely chooses to free our will in Jesus so that we are free to choose God’s will to make us holy in Him

Seven - Origin of Relationships
The personal nature of God’s Sabbath is expressed in His relationships with Himself and with us. The unique nature of communion with God is composed in His sanctifying grace where we are known, accepted and transformed

Eight - Mindfulness and God Beyond All Mind
God creates and establishes all things to always be toward Him as their source and center. He created people to bear His image and freely share His life in Jesus

Epilogue - The Sabbath: An Impossible Simplicity
The impossible simplicity of keeping God’s Sabbath is made possible in Jesus, who is both the way and goal of God’s rest